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Doesn't EVERYONE have a Ping Pong Table Desk?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This is what happens when you are told you have to work from home for the next year and you don't have a place to set up your office.

Nathan was transplanted from his office on the plaza to the basement. Poor guy got the short end of the stick. While working on his ping pong table he decided this Media Room was a bit too dark for his taste. He needed light. He started painting the walls our favorite color, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, but didn't stop there. Why not tear a hole in the wall and create a window. Or better yet, let's open up the whole thing and get rid of a wall? This is the day it all started for The McCombs Home. Little did he know, it would be a domino effect for our home. These projects gave us the will to get things rolling on making our home a space we wanted to spend time in. We were forced to do it, so it may as well look nice right?! I was surprised when I walked down the stairs to see Nathan around the corner from the bar in a space that was now 2x4s and lots of wires everywhere. Time to call the electrician and let the fun begin!

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