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Media Room Upgrade! Faux shiplap will warm it up.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I wish we would have gotten a better before picture of this room. For 10 years this room was closed off and dark. As you can see the ceiling is black. There are built in speakers for surround sound and the TV was previously on the opposite wall of this room. Nathan or the kids would come into this room to get away and take nice long dark naps. It wasn't inviting for anything but sleep.

We decided this room needed a warm makeover. The faux shiplap wall probably cost about $75! However, before that we had to hire an electrician and drywall specialist to connect ethernet and power behind the television. These things need to be planned in advance to avoid holes in your brand new walls. We used 4'x8' Plywood Underlayment from Home Depot to achieve this faux shiplap look. We ripped the sheets down to 8"x8' strips and started at the top right hand corner of the wall to begin our pattern. Mark the studs so you can find the exact location to place the nails. We did try to avoid making a specific pattern so you eye isn't drawn to the seams. I would recommend varying your boards and using some of the shorter cut pieces when nailing up the boards. We used nickels as spacers when hanging. In the end, we decided to leave the wood a natural look. It can be painted and if you choose to do that, make sure you paint the wall behind the shiplap the same color you would like to paint the wall. You can see between the spaces of the pieces. Remember this is "faux" shiplap. Overall this simple project turned into the perfect cozy space for our family to enjoy! Get to your nearest Hardware store and slap up a shiplap wall. You won't regret it!

Paint color is Sherwin Williams Revere Pewter.

Plywood Underlayment linked here.

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