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What? We Built a wall, Our FIRST Pandemic DIY!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

What a great way to start a pandemic. This was our first DIY project. We had no clue what we were doing, but knew if we would be home for months and look at the same four walls while we work, changes needed to be made to this room. Just like many others during this time, we took to Pinterest and read many "how to" pages on an accent wall. Kim's favorite IG account to follow had just done an accent wall in their media room with simple 1x2s. Heck we can do that! Off to Home Depot we go with a mapped out drawing in hand. Measurements of the room and a grid of how to make this work and not look like we just slapped some boards up on the wall.

First Measure your space.

Divide your wall into even sections. Take into account the size of your wood pieces. You can see we made a drawing with the measurements. Sorry the picture was cropped. This was taken in March 2020 before we decided to start a blog and really don't have a great image.

I'm going to direct you to Home Talk. They have a wonderful tutorial on how to build this wall.

No matter what color you choose (Sherwin Williams Kendall Charcoal shown here) it is sure to make a statement in any home. Light fixtures also can become the next best focal point in a room. What a statement this makes with the pairing of a bold rug!

Hope you can walk away from this project feeling as accomplished as we did. Making one big statement in a room I spend so much time in each week was totally worth it.

Shop everything in this final Reveal picture in my link.

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